woman on a sailboat

How it all began...

November 7, 2022

We have lived on land all our lives – until one day we came up with a somewhat crazy idea. What if we learn to sail and travel the world on our own sailboat? But wait, let me start at the beginning.

One day during lunch break, my colleague told me about her parents who had crossed the Atlantic Ocean westward to the Caribbean. I was immediately fascinated. I asked her if they had been sailors all their lives. No, they hadn’t. Whether they were rich. No, they weren’t. And finally, I asked if they were crazy. Hmm, maybe a little.

As I biked home from the office that day, I wondered if I was bold and adventurous enough to do the same. During the 30 minutes it usually took me to get home, I knew I would at least like to try. Back home, I asked the man what he thought of that idea. He is usually the more resonable and cautious part in our relationship. And he said almost immediately, yes, let’s do it.

So we set out to find a course where we could learn to sail. We wanted to start slow and easy. So we decided that we wanted to learn to sail on a dinghy. A year later, we bought our first boat, a small 21 ft. keel yacht. Over the next two years, the idea kind of imperceptibly evolved from “What if we cross the Atlantic when we retire?” to “What if we don’t wait until retirement and start sailing the world now?”

To do that, we had to find a sailboat we could afford that was seaworthy and big enough for both of us to live in. After one year of searching, we finally found our 32 ft. home.